The Funding & Investors Guide For a Home-Based Business

Funding & Investors are a program designed to help individuals and organizations look for potential funding sources. It was developed by Yul Charney and is currently hosted and maintained by Keith B. Laggos. The organization was created so that investors can invest their money in a variety of different sectors, including the stock market, real estate, and companies. Keith brings together entrepreneurs, venture capitalists, accountants, bankers, and other investment professionals to assist individuals in finding the right funding source. Keith believes that all investors have the same goal – To make a significant profit for their clients.

Funding  Investors

As you may know, many private funding sources require an investment of more than cash or investment capital. A large number of private funds require a secondary stock purchase, which can potentially dilute the value of your investment. Therefore, funding a venture may require an investor to obtain stock from the company they are financing. There are several different programs that help people obtain funding from angel groups and other third party sources.

One option is to start a Business Plan Competition with the Small Business Administration. This competition requires that you submit a formal business plan that outlines how you will use the funds and where you plan to spend the money. The SBA will review your plan and will present it to the fund for consideration. Each year they will issue a fund prospectus detailing what the fund has to offer as well as the terms of the offering. You will be required to provide a 20% written assessment of your business idea to the SBA so they can determine if you are eligible for SBA loans. The SBA will also review the fund manager’s performance as well as the terms of the fund and the investment it offers.

Another way to get a loan from an angel group is through Technology Start-Ups. As with funding & investors, an investor will provide seed money to support your business idea. Once the funding is obtained, you are free to do whatever you want with the money. However, before you are allowed to use the funds, you must complete a series of filings with the SEC. This means writing up a substantial business plan along with a complete disclosure of everything that will happen with the funding including how you intend to use it.

Angel groups typically prefer to work with technology companies that have not yet produced a profit but are growing at a rapid rate. Most investors will want a stake in the company, while others may simply be there to look at the technology evolve and decide whether or not to invest in it. Your role will be to raise the capital required to keep the business going while it is still developing.

Private funding & investors can be a great way to obtain the capital that you need to launch your own business. It is important to be fully prepared both financially and emotionally to pitch your business to funding sources. You must be prepared to disclose financial information about your startup, operations, management and goals for your business. By following this advice, you will be able to find private investment with little to no risk.